People come into contact with countless products every day. Products liability involves injuries to person or property as a result of use of a product that may be unsafe due to its design, a manufacturing defect, or the manner in which it was sold or marketed to the public.

Successful representation in products liability cases requires the ability to understand both the law and the technical aspects of each case on an individual basis. The attorneys at Small & Schena LLP have experience on both sides of products liability cases representing individuals who have been injured as well as defending manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. We also assist our clients in the review of product warnings labels and instruction manuals.

In addition to products liability, the attorneys at Small & Schena LLP have also handled matters involving a variety of other torts, including premises liability and negligence, resulting in serious personal injuries and wrongful death. We are familiar with both the litigation process and working with insurance companies in connection with these cases.

If you have a question regarding potential litigation involving products liability or personal injury, do not hesitate to contact us.