Consumers and businesses alike rely on the services of professionals across all industries. Whatever field they are in, professionals are expected to render services that meet or exceed the standard of care for their particular industry. But failed or unsuccessful transactions can result in disputes over whether the professional did indeed provide those services effectively. Such claims are often referred to as malpractice claims. In more serious cases, professionals may be subject to claims of intentional wrongdoing, such as fraud.

Claims against professionals require an understanding of the standard of care in the particular industry and an ability to assess the damages that can result from a malpractice claim, including the sometimes extreme economic impact to businesses and individuals.

The attorneys at Small & Schena LLP have years of experience handling matters involving a wide range of professionals across a number of industries. They have defended or prosecuted claims against financial advisors, real estate brokers and agents, attorneys, health care providers, insurance brokers, directors and officers of corporations, and others.

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