The intrinsic value of ideas are at great risk of exploitation in today’s global internet marketplace. The breadth of what may be a legally protectable idea is vast and not limited to high-tech industries or large corporations. And it is never too early to assert protections for intellectual property. Our attorneys have assisted clients - from startup companies to large corporations - in protecting the value of their intellectual property, including trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, before and during litigation.

Trademarks, copyrights, and likenesses may be subject to protection even if not formally registered. As a result, many parties permit others to infringe on their rights and ideas believing there is no recourse. Others may be incorporating a third party’s marks or images without knowledge of the potential liability. Ignoring the potential implications until rights are lost or a lawsuit if filed is a misstep.

Litigation involving trade secrets often arises during periods of employee mobility, such as a transfer to a competitor or the creation of a new venture. And the speed with which information is now shared makes misappropriation a constant threat. Consequently, time is of the essence to insure proper steps are undertaken to protect valuable ideas. 

Our attorneys have experience both in guiding the protection of intellectual property, including trade secrets, before an issue arises and in litigation thereafter. We have successfully prosecuted actions on behalf of companies seeking to restrain others from misappropriating their ideas, marks, and images, as well as defended those wrongfully accused of the same. 

If you have a question regarding protection of intellectual property or potential litigation, do not hesitate to contact us.