Individuals and businesses of all varieties – sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability entities, and corporations – encounter situations that require legal assistance. This can occur when they need to affirmatively act to protect their interests, when they have been sued, or when they become embroiled in third-party litigation through subpoenas.

The goal of any advocate is to best protect the legal rights and commercial interests of the client, which often reach far beyond the dispute at hand. Sometimes those interests are best advanced through pre-litigation efforts; at other points, litigation should neither be avoided nor feared.   

The attorneys of Small & Schena LLP represent both individuals and entities of all sizes and varieties in matters involving contracts, fiduciary duty, fraud, unfair competition and business practices, false advertising, securities, franchises, compliance with state and federal consumer protection laws, and business torts.

We have represented both domestic and foreign business entities (Asian, European, and Central American), and we have successfully worked with clients that are savvy to litigation - as well as those who are inexperienced with legal issues. 

Each matter requires individual attention and a flexible approach in either the courtroom or alternative dispute resolution forum. We are able to collaborate with our clients and customize programs based on specific needs. We are dedicated to involving our clients with our strategies to create a unified litigation approach.

If you have a question regarding potential business litigation or other legal issues related to your commercial interests, do not hesitate to contact us.